Photography is the combination of Art, Technology & Opportunity. From my experience, 70% of Photography is pure luck (Opportunity), 20% goes to the equipment (Technology) & only the remaining 10% is the contribution from the photographer (Art). Great pictures just happen, They exist everywhere, perhaps a few lucky ones get the right chance to click… 


They say, "To be a successful photographer, one must be at the right place at the right time". Well... in my case, most of the pictures displayed here are occurrences or coincidences from normal life; perhaps I was lucky enough to carry a camera with me. 

I am an Instrumentation Engineer by profession, which primarily earns me my daily bread. Creative Arts and Photography are my past times, though my profession and passion never got along well. 

My fascination for drawing & painting helped me win a few laurels in school/college days. In the late seventies, my dad bought me an Agfa Click-IV camera & that opened a much wider horizon in front of me. That camera costed less than 100 Rs (2$) those days !! During my school days, I used to assist a local photographer with developing & printing in his studio, which gave me an insight into handling professional equipment as well.

Over three and a half decades in the world of photography; it was indeed a very long time to witness the changing faces of photography. Those 120mm black & white films in the early days, gradual transition to 35mm color films and transparencies...

Oh! it's all become history now. Over three and half decades back, photography was not an affordable hobby for most of us. One had to wait until a film-roll gets exposed completely and spend several hours in those creepy dark-rooms. Hours of hard work and eagerness to see the results; I believe it was really worth that effort. There was joy of creation behind every capture. 

I was always passionate about the wonders of nature and never missed a chance to capture it. Misty mornings, Colorful skies, Green fields, Spiritual moments, Street life and Innocence of adolescence have become the subjects in front of my lens. Photography has become child's play now; We have state of the art equipment and more powerful software which could do wonders for you at the click of buttons. But for me, Photography is an art and passion to cherish a lifetime. 

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